1.  How much does FFT: Rebirth cost?
A. FFT: Rebirth is 100% free.  The only requirement to download the mod is that you must have a copy of the original Final Fantasy Tactics for either PSOne, PSP, PSN (Playstation Network), or iOS.


2.  What do I need to play FFT: Rebirth?
A. You will need an emulator and a Final Fantasy Tactics ISO/BIN/IMG file to play the modification.  I suggest downloading ePSXe from Next Generation Emulation.  You can find a great newbie guide for emulation from our friends over at Fantasy Anime.  For the original Final Fantasy Tactics ISO/BIN/IMG you can either make an image from your PSX disc or you can download one from multiple sites.  Fantasy Anime has another great guide for downloading a Final Fantasy Tactics ISO/IMG/BIN right here.  Last but not least you will need to download the modification itself from the FFT: Rebirth Mainpage and follow the instructions from the video located at the bottom of that page.


3.  What changes are in FFT: Rebirth?
A. A full list of changes and alterations can be found on the features page, with a subpage for each particular category of changes such as (Weapons, Characters, Jobs, etc.).  Here is a link to the Features Page.


4.  Where can I download FFT: Rebirth?
A. You can download the modification from the FFT: Rebirth Mainpage.


5.  Where can I leave feedback on the mod?
A. You can leave feedback on the mod on the feedback page.  Please use the WordPress comments section that has been setup there: Feedback Page


6.  How can I support the mod?
A. Nexus-Studios does not currently take donations of any kind.  Yearly maintenance costs for the website run around $70.  There is no advertising on the website as we find ads intrusive to end-user experience.  However we always welcome feedback on the site or the mod, please leave feedback on the Feedback Page.


7.  Is there a PSP version of the mod?
A. No, this modification is only for PSX/PSOne.  Additionally it is only supported on emulator.  Development files were given to another team that was planning to convert the mod to a PSP version, however we have not heard back from them since May 2011.


8.  Is this a Square Enix project?
A. No, this modification is not an authorized Square Enix project.  Square Enix maintains the sole holder of any copyrights and trademarks associated with Final Fantasy Tactics.