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  1. Nolan  April 17, 2012

    When going to goug machine city after reading about the rumors in goland coal city, the cut scene with mustadio freezes the game in an endless loading cycle.

  2. Paul Street  February 2, 2012

    @arch beau

    I’m honestly not that familiar with cwcheats. From what I researched it hacks game states to give you the desired results. Unfortunately this will almost certainly cause problems with the modification due to the nature of the original game file being changed. Many of the games values (when disassembled in hex) have changed drastically.

    You may need to try using cwcheat with an unmodded version and then install the modification. It probably won’t work but it’s the only thing I can think of trying besides reversing all the mods changes, compiling all the changes in the mods installation and then cross checking those numbers with changes from the appropriate cwcheat. It would honestly be faster to play the game as fast as possible and get Cloud through gameplay.

  3. arch beau  February 2, 2012

    while playing the new rebirth, i used the cwcheats to get cloud (the cheats that are given with the game) and i noticed when he lvl’s up he doesnt raise any stat points, his job and lvl will go up but all stats like speed,mp,hp,atk,matk, are still 1. also his faith (0) and bravery (15) are low aswell. is there anyway to fix this

  4. Paul Street  December 31, 2011

    @ SPIRE
    Thanks for the feedback! Geomancy in the beginning is certainly strong; are you referring to just the skillset? In playtesting we actually found just using an axe and “going for it” was much more effective than using the spells.

    Hmm crushing the late game with magic was the original intent. Have you run into many enemies who effectively use this against you? We found this to be the most balancing factor. If you are crushing all the storyline battles in 1-2 spells then we may need to revise things slightly.

  5. SPIRE  December 31, 2011

    Playing through the first time, on chap 4 now. This is very well made. I do have 2 areas of concern, which is

    1) Geomancy in the beginning is ridiculous.
    2) Summon spells late game seem a little overpowered. The fact I can short charge Leviathan within 1 or 2 AT’s every story battle is a little much (doesn’t stop me from doing it though.) I totally agree the spell system needed to be made quicker, but maybe this needs revising (or not, just my 2 cents.)

  6. Paul Street  December 13, 2011

    Thanks for the heads up about the Lunar Knight guest. I will mark this down as a bugfix for the next release. As for the undead versions of classes – they do not have the same innates as they are different “classes” for purposes of the game engine. I did not update them therefore they do not have the innate skills. I thought about updating them, but since you can just throw a phoenix down on these guys any increased difficulty would force players into that route.

    Geomancers are stone cold killers in this modification. Utilizing all their Geomancy skills would require you to learn all their appropriate abilities – however we will look into their early game damage. I feel their late game Geomancy is much weaker compared to magic counterparts and their physical damage ramps up to insane levels at the end of Chapter 3.

    This is an EXCELLENT suggestion. Switching Attack Up and Concentrate looks to make a large degree of sense. I will discuss this with the team as time permits.

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